The school will be having Picture Day on Wednesday October 25th, 2023. The preschool children will be taking individual photos along  with the school. This will likely happen during the morning, please make sure your child arrives early to the centre so that he/she will not miss the photoshoot. 

In August of 2020, Hillmount Childcare Centre launched our first website. The purpose of the site will evolve over time, but for now we just wanted to publish information on our facilities, services, rates, and other details. We've added helpful resource links for parents to find related online information, and throughout the site we've added comment features to allow parents to submit their questions.

For privacy reasons we're publishing only the names of the Hillmount Childcare Centre staff, but not the photos. We understand online photos create mixed reactions among people, and to avoid offending anyone we've chosen to use avatars to represent each of them. Some of them are not bad approximations of the individual staff, and some were selected for fun.

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